Yui Mizushima


水嶋 有李


Mizushima Yui

Astrological Sign


Voiced by

Yūko Minaguchi (Anime only)

Character OutlineEdit

Yui is Iku's twin sister. She has a gentle and very caring personality. Because Iku and Yui are twins, they had an especially close bond. When both of them were children, Koharu decided to care for them in place of their busy parents and had them move in with her and Kotarou. Thus, she shares a very close bond with them. However, she falls in love with Kotarou during this period of time.

As a child, she was very sickly and was often unable to go to school. Instead, Iku would tell her all about his school experiences. She enjoyed Iku's singing very much and always supported him. Whenever he composed a new song, he would let Yui hear it first. As she got older, her condition began to worsen and she had to stay in the hospital. Kotarou decided to study in the medical field in hopes of being able to cure Yui in the future. One day, Yui confesses to Kotarou, greatly startling him. However, he can only think of her as an important family member and avoids her for awhile. Before Kotarou can give her a clear answer, Yui dies. Her death has a great impact on both Kotarou and Iku. Kotarou regrets his actions greatly and no longer thinks of himself as someone worthy of being loved or loving someone. Iku overworks himself to the point where he would never be able to sing again. 


Yui looks very similar to Iku, although she is more feminine. They share the same hair color and eye color. She has messy bangs and hair that is longer in the back.