Yahisa Tsukiko
Kanji 夜久 月子
Rōmaji Yahisa Tsukiko
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
Personal Status
Occupation Student
Class 2nd Year-Astronomy Department
Club Archery Club

Student Council

School Seigetsu Academy
Relatives Mother (Mentioned)

Father (Mentioned)

Grandmother (Mentioned)

Anime Episode 1
Manga Starry Sky: In Spring
Japanese Fumiko Orikasa
Yahisa Tsukiko (夜久月子 Yahisa Tsukiko) is the main protagonist of all the series.


Tsukiko is a very cute teenage girl with light brown hair which is short in the front, long in the back and light maroon eyes. In the game and other CG's, her bangs often cover her eyes to maintain the sense of anonymity. However, in After Season and Portable Games, the developers added an option in which players can choose whether or not include her eyes.


Tsukiko is depicted as a kind, clumsy, naive and emotional girl with a pure heart who is also honest and hardworking. She is completely oblivious to the affections of her male peers. In the game, her personality can also vary depending on what the player's choices.

Character OutlineEdit

Tsukiko is the heroine of all of the Starry☆Sky games, although her name can be changed by the player. She is the first female student to attend Seigetsu Academy and is often pursued by many of the other male students. She is part of the Student Council, the Archery Club, and is also on clinic duty. She always strives to do her best, which sometimes results in overworking herself to the point of collapsing. She has a total of 12 potential love interests, although this number increases in the After Season games due to the introduction of new characters and the ability to date minor characters.


Yoh TomoeEdit

When they were young, she met Yoh when she gave him his telescope. Tsukiko introduced herself and complimented that he has beautiful eyes, she was also the one who gave him the nickname Hitsuji. In the manga, she said she used to play with him when she's going to her grandma's house.

Suzuya Tohzuki and Kanata NanamiEdit

She is childhood friends with both Suzuya and Kanata. They have known each other since they were toddlers and all share a very strong bond. At first, she thinks of both as her brothers. However, they regard her as a love interest, and depending on choices made by the player, she may have developed feelings for either of them.

Kazuki ShiranuiEdit

Although Tsukiko does not remember, she was once friends with Kazuki in her childhood. However, after a traumatic incident, she forgets him and he distances himself from her to protect her.