Starry☆Sky ~in Winter~
Game Information
Developer(s) Honeybee


Publisher(s) Honeybee


Platform Windows

PlayStation Portable Nintendo 3DS

Music Information
Released Date
Windows December 25, 2009
PlayStation Portable April 28, 2011
Nintendo 3Ds December 12, 2012
In Autumn After Spring
 Starry☆Sky ~In Winter~ is the fourth game of the series, and first released December 25, 2009 for Windows.


In Winter focuses on Tsukiko and her activities as Student Council Secretary. She works with President Kazuki Shiranui, Vice President Hayato Aozora, and Treasurer Tsubasa Amaha.


Main Characters

Tsukiko Yahisa- Tsukiko returns as the Secretary of the Student Council. She works hard to manage and plan events for the student body.

Tsubasa Amaha- The inventive Treasurer. He is always seen tinkering with his new inventions, although most of them end in explosions. 

Kazuki Shiranui- The charismatic President. He is able to see the future and is the one who recruited all the current student council members.

Hayato Aozora- The well-mannered Vice President. He is an aspiring pianist, although he is unable to live up to the high expectations his family has.


Oushirou Shirogane- The rather peculiar third year. He is a part of the Photography Club, and is best friends with Kazuki,