Starry☆Sky ~in Autumn~
Game Information
Developer(s) Honeybee


Publisher(s) Honeybee


Platform Windows

PlayStation Portable Nintendo 3DS

Music Information
Released Date
Windows September 25, 2009
PlayStation Portable December 22, 2010
Nintendo 3Ds August 29, 2013
In Summer In Winter
  Starry☆Sky ~In Autumn~ is the third game of the series and first released September 25, 2009, for Windows.


In Autumn focuses on Tsukiko and her relationships with homeroom teacher Naoshi Haruki, school nurse Kotarou Hoshizuki, and student teacher Iku Mizushima. 


Main Characters

Tsukiko Yahisa- After the In Summer game, Tsukiko returns to normal high school life. She is on clinic duty, and is often seen cleaning up after Kotarou's messes.

Iku Mizushima- The playboy student teacher. He doesn't believe in love, and often jumps from woman to woman. He bets Tsukiko that he can make her fall in love with him in a month.

Naoshi Haruki- The youthful homeroom teacher. Because he spent most of his high school career studying, he now goes all out in enjoying the pleasures of youth. He is often mistaken as a student.

Kotarou Hoshizuki- The lethargic school nurse. He is very lazy and slovenly, leaving the nurse's office in poor condition. He is often absent from the nurse's office or sleeping in one of the beds.


Koharu Hoshizuki- Kotarou's older sister, and the director of the school. She adores Tsukiko and has a poor sense of direction.