Starry☆Sky ~ in Summer~
Game Information
Developer(s) Honeybee


Publisher(s) Honeybee


Platform Windows

PlayStation Portable Nintendo 3DS

Music Information
Released Date
Windows June 26, 2009
PlayStation Portable September 30, 2010
Nintendo 3Ds June 27, 2013
In Spring In Autumn
 Starry☆Sky ~In Summer~ is the second game of the series and was first released June 26, 2009 for Windows.


In Summer focuses on Tsukiko's activities as a member of the Archery Club. With club captain Homare Kanakubo, vice-captain Ryunosuke Miyaji, and prodigy Azusa Kinose, she works hard to improve in time for the Inter-High competition.


Main Characters

Tsukiko Yahisa- The main heroine returns, this time focusing on her club activities and antics with her fellow club members. She is fairly skilled in archery.

Homare Kanakubo- The third-year club captain. He is gentle and kind, although he is known to be scary when angered. Although he is very skilled, he is weak under pressure.

Ryunosuke Miyaji- The second-year vice-captain. He is very hardworking and serious, often yelling at fellow club members to keep them on task

Azusa Kinose- The prodigy first year. He is exceptionally gifted, but gave it up because it was too easy. After witnessing Tsukiko's archery, he is inspired to begin archery once again.


Shinya Koguma- The soft-spoken first year. He is often dragged into Shiratori and Inukai's mischevious plans.

Yahiko Shiratori- The loud and cheerful second year. He first joined the Archery Club to get closer to Tsukiko, but truely fell in love with the sport.

Inukai Takafumi- The laidback second year. He fools around with Shiratori, often resulting in a lecture from Miyaji.