Starry☆Sky ~13 Constellations~


January 28, 2011




Drama CD



Disc. 1

  1. Starry time01 ~Reunion planning~
  2. Starry time02 ~Contact-From Ryunosuke to Hayato~
  3. Starry time03 ~Contact-From Yoh to Shiki~
  4. Starry time04 ~Contact-From Yoh to Azusa~
  5. Starry time05 ~Contact-From Azusa to Tsubasa~
  6. Starry time06 ~Contact-From Kotarou to Naoshi&Iku~
  7. Starry time07 ~Contact-From Homare to Kazuki~
  8. Starry time08 ~Contact-From Suzuya to Kanata~
  9. Starry time09 ~Contact-From Yoh&Ryunosuke to Suzuya~
  10. Starry time10 ~Contact-From Suzuya to you~
  11. Starry time11 ~The day of the promise-side team Okan-~
  12. Starry time12 ~The day of the promise-side team Ahoge-~
  13. Starry time13 ~All the members gather~
  14. Starry time14 ~Astronomical observations start~
  15. Starry time15 ~Great banquet~

Disc. 2~

  1. Starry time16 ~Reason for Tears~
  2. Starry time17 ~Look up at the starry sky
  3. Starry time18 ~Start from here~
  4. Broken heart ~side Capricorn~
  5. Broken heart ~side Aquarius~
  6. Broken heart ~side Pisces~
  7. Broken heart ~side Aries~
  8. Broken heart ~side Taurus~
  9. Broken heart ~side Gemini~
  10. Broken heart ~side Cancer~
  11. Broken heart ~side Leo~
  12. Broken heart ~side Virgo~
  13. Broken heart ~side Libra~
  14. Broken heart ~side Scorpio~
  15. Broken heart ~side Sagittarius~
  16. Broken heart ~side Ophiuchus~