Starry☆Sky Soundtrack ~Star Color Music Collection~


September 25, 2009





Starry☆Sky Soundtrack ~Star Color Music Collection~ was releaed in 2009 by HoneyBee. It contains all of the songs found in the Starry☆Sky games and Starry☆Sky Drama CDs.


  1. ~in Spring~
  2. ~in Summer~
  3. ~in Autumn~
  4. ~in Winter~
  5. For the Capricorn
  6. For the Aquarius
  7. For the Pisces
  8. For the Aries
  9. For the Taurus
  10. For the Gemini
  11. For the Cancer
  12. For the Leo
  13. For the Virgo
  14. For the Libra
  15. For the Scorpio
  16. For the Ophiuchus
  17. For the Sagittarius
  18. A Sound of the Sun
  19. A Sound of the Mercury
  20. A Sound of the Venus
  21. A Sound of the Earth
  22. A Sound of the Moon
  23. A Sound of the Mars
  24. A Sound of the Jupiter
  25. A Sound of the Saturn
  26. A Sound of the Uranus
  27. A Sound of the Neptune
  28. A Sound of the Pluto
  29. A Sound of the Star
  30. One Shooting Star
  31. Tears of the Polestar
  32. Wonderful Night
  33. Galactic Dream
  34. Name of the Constellation
  35. Under the Starry☆Sky