Shirabe and Kanade Kanakubo
Shirabe and Kanade


金久保 詩

金久保 奏


Kanakubo Shirabe

Kanakubo Kanade


Ayako Kanakubo (mother)

Souan Kanakubo (father)

Amane Kanakubo (elder sister)

Homare Kanakubo (elder brother)

Character OutlineEdit

Shirabe and Kanade are the childish twin younger sisters of Homare. They adore him and at first, are very jealous of Tsukiko. They go so far as to treat her rudely and ignore her. However, after she finds Shirabe and brings her home safely, they begin to respect and treat her well. When she catches a cold, both sisters feel responsible and try their best to nurse Tsukiko. They end up adoring Tsukiko and often compete with Homare over Tsukiko's attention.

Shirabe is the more tomboyish and brash of the two. She dislikes Tsukiko right off the bat and decides to shun and treat her badly. After Homare tells of his plans to marry her, Shirabe runs off crying. She hides in a playground until Tsukiko finds her and brings her home. After that, Shirabe starts warming up to Tsukiko. She becomes extremely fond of Tsukiko afterwards.

Kanade is the more formal and shy of the two. Although she is wary of Tsukiko at first, she is still formal with her. However, she is just as jealous as Shirabe and her behavior begins to display such. She is the one to warn Homare and Tsukiko about Shirabe's absence. After Tsukiko finds Shirabe, she also begins to warm up to her. Like her sister, she comes to love Tsukiko. 


Both girls have blue hair and yellow eyes. However, Shirabe has her hair cut in a bob and Kanade has long hair with two bows in it. When they become middle-school students, their appearance matures significantly. 
Shirabe and Kanade 2

Shirabe and Kanade in middle school