Shiki Kagurazaka
"You don't know. There is a light whenever you turn around."
Kanji 神楽坂 四季
Rōmaji Kagurazaka Shiki
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Ophiuchus
Birthday December 5
Blood Type O type
Height 180 cm
Weight 59 kg
Nationality Japanese
Personal Status
Occupation Student
Class 2nd Year- Star Gazing Department
School Seigetsu Academy
Anime Episode 25
Japanese Mamoru Miyano
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Kagurazaka Shiki (神楽坂 四季 Kagurazaka Shiki) is the new character in the game ~After Winter~ however he also appeared in Episode 25 and 26 of the Anime. 


After Winter Shiki

Shiki has pale blonde hair and has red eyes. His long bangs sways to the right side, covering his eye. He is always seen wearing his uniform. Shiki is always seen not expressing any emotions, although he is rarely seen smiling at Tsukiko Yahisa.

In official arts, he is often seen with an albino snake.


Shiki is portaited as a mysterious, silent and kind person. He also knows how to read Tsukiko Yahisa's face when she's feeling down and would listen to her stories about her happy experiences over the past season. Over the course of the game, he offers her and the other characters pieces of advice. He is also very lethargic and can be often found sleeping under a tree or in the Student Council room.


As said in the Game, he was born having the power to see the future. When he was younger he was living in a science lab being experimented on because of his psychic ability.



In Episode 25, he was seen sitting in a Sakura Tree talking about his own abilities. Suddenly, he met Tsukiko Yahisa searching for Kanata Nanami. He then asks her name and Tsukiko Yahisa gladly introduced herself. 


Character OutlineEdit

Shiki is a second year scholarship student. Like Kazuki Shiranui, he has psychic powers. However, his powers are much stronger than Kazuki's. Although he could see the future, he accepted it as it was and did not try to change it. After meeting Tsukiko Yahisa, he was able to tell when and which constellations are to become the focus of her attention (meaning, which season/trio of characters is set to come next).

Shiki has a tendency to speak very slowly. However, in his route, he speaks at a more normal pace. Like Ryunosuke Miyaji and Yoh Tomoe, he is a huge glutton. He is also very lethargic and can be often found sleeping under a tree or in the Student Council room. To wake him up, Tsukiko feeds him a piece of candy and upon waking up, Shiki is able to guess the candy's flavor.


Yahisa Tsukiko

Kazuki Shiranui


  • "(Anime) The power to foresee the future. I never thought that this power is special. I accepted everything as it was. "There isn't anything I can't see" was what I thought."
  • "(Anime) I couldn't see it, after all. The future stopped. Destiny didn't let me see the future.