Iku Mizushima
"How can I come to believe in you...?"
Kanji 水嶋 郁
Rōmaji Mizushima Iku
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Birthday June 9
Blood Type B
Age 21
Height 187 cm
Weight 67 kg
Nationality Japanese
Personal Status
Occupation Student Teacher

Singer (Formerly)

Relatives Yui Mizushima (Twin sister, Deceased)
Anime Episode 11: Gemini Part 1
Japanese Kouji Yusa
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Iku Mizushima (水嶋 郁 Mizushima Iku) is one of the main characters in Starry☆Sky~in Autumn~ and the spin-off game Starry☆Sky~After Autumn~ and a student teacher in Seigetsu Academy. He represents the zodiac sign Gemini.</p>

Character OutlineEdit

Iku represents the Gemini. He is currently a student teacher and is friends with the school nurse, Kotarou Hoshizuki, since they were children. Iku and his twin sister Yui were both born with poor health. They're parents were not home often and couldn't care for them, so Koutarou's parents took them in. They developed very strong bonds with Kotarou and Koharu Hoshizuki, his sister. However, Yui died while they were in high school. He was formerly the lead singer of a band that Tsukiko Yahisa liked, but destroyed his voice while overworking himself due to the pain of his sister's death. His band members turned out to be using him for money and promptly dismissed him when he could no longer sing. Iku lost trust in everyone until Tsukiko helped him gain it back.



curly and dark blue color of his hair, also have blue eyes

Iku has dark blue coloured hair and blue-coloured eyes. He also wears glasses when he teaches. He has messy, curly hair and side sweap bangs. He wears a white coloured polo and a brown jacket over it.